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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Stoopid Internet Explorer!

[UPDATE] Now my stoopid Microsoft Outlook Express has gone Tango Uniform! It opened once this morning correctly and now, each time it tries to open, the Bit Defender anti-spam software opens automatically and tries to run the spam training wizard. That process locks up my computer- it always has, and even though the "disable" button is selected for that part of my BD package, I can't figure out how to disable this damm software glitch.

Well after struggling unsuccessfully with Photobucket all day and having no luck, I just decided to give Firefox a try as my browser to see if maybe the problem was mine. And how about that, with Firefox, I've loaded all the pictures that I scanned this afternoon!

I don't know what happened with IE and I didn't change any settings from yesterday but as for now, I'm using Firefox for my browsing.

Thanks, Firefox!

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